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28 July, 2018 - Essay Writing Guides



You are finally on your way to getting your masters or being called a doctor!

A dissertation is the last piece of work you will have to hand in the get your masters degree or Ph.D.

This type of assessment requires you to write an essay that is 10,000 words on average, but certain universities may require more.



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For many students, this last submission is the most important one. It requires an immense amount of research to write a high grading dissertation. For a few courses, their dissertation can be worth up to 70% of their final grade, meaning the way it is marked is with strict criteria.

So this means that you could potentially fail the whole subject.

Most students struggle with the amount of work required to complete their dissertation, and rightfully so! It’s a tough assignment.



Dissertations are long! Hire Dissertation Helpers.


How are your time management skills?

If they are good, you may still be caught off guard!

Often professors set deadlines that may require you to start your dissertation as soon as you get it, this is to ensure your last pieces of work at college prepare you for your work life where deadlines are even tighter!

So make sure your proposal is submitted before the deadline or else disappointment may arise.

The best way to avoid this stress is to get dissertation help online from the best dissertation editing service that there is.

A dissertation may be filled with a lot of hurdles that you didn’t see coming, and these hurdles may slow down your progress and make you procrastinate, which we all know is one of a student’s best skills!



We understand the time it takes to finish your custom dissertation and we respect the deadline due date.

Whatever deadline you give us we will finish it well before then so we can go over it with you and change anything you want to be edited because we are the best dissertation writing service.

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Dissertation vs Thesis


A dissertation and thesis is basically the same thing and is often used interchangeably, but there are a few minor differences.

A dissertation is required for a doctorate degree.

A thesis is required for a master’s degree.

There are also a few structural differences.



1.    A thesis tests your knowledge from the information you have learned throughout your undergrad program.

2.    You have to research a given topic.

3.    Have a discussion about the topic given.

4.    Associated with the completion of a Masters degree.


1.    A dissertation requires you to come up with an entirely new concept and contribute new knowledge.

2.    A dissertation requires you to come up with a hypothesis and prove the hypothesis.

3.    A dissertation is also much longer than a thesis.


Can’t find good data?



Data is one of the most important parts in writing a custom dissertation and could mean the difference between a good or bad dissertation. That is why recommend getting dissertation proposal help from expert dissertation helpers.

Data must be presented in a professional and impressive manner, and in a way that flows smoothly with your dissertation.

Most students make the mistake of not researching data sources thoroughly and pick a secondary piece of data which “kind of” fits in with their topic.

This is because they don’t know how to find it properly and because it takes a long time to find.

Assignment Nerds Ph.D. writers are experienced in data research as this is what they do 24/7. It’s better to leave this job to an expert dissertation writer so that you don’t get it wrong.

Primary data is also gathered by our writers if it is required. It’s what makes our writers stand out from the rest, it is because we go out and gathers the data first hand to make sure your paper doesn’t take any shortcuts.

Which students often don’t do properly and find irrelevant data…



Important Factors


The way the paper is structured and designed is also a big factor. A dissertation with a good content but bad structure and layout could lose you marks. That’s why it’s important to hire a dissertation writing service, as we know what we are doing.

The truth is that it is much easier to give you a higher mark when your paper looks good.

When a professor goes through a countless amount of dissertations with subpar structure and design and then see yours, straight from the get-go you will leave a good impression.

The basic structure of a dissertation first starts with the introduction. This sets out the aims and objectives of the work.

The next step is to review the literature. This stage involves going through all existing data and research related to your topic and identifying the areas which haven’t been researched and explored.

The third step is to establish what you wish to find out and discover with your research and how you will conduct research to discover it. This is one of the most important steps as you will decide between using primary or secondary data and how you wish to collect that data.

Once you have gathered the data you will need to analyze the results. This is the most challenging part as it requires complex analytical skills to make sense of the data in your argument.

Once the data is analyzed, graphing the data to express it in a readable is the next challenge which students struggle with doing.

The next step is the most exciting one, the conclusion! This is the most enjoyable step as its time to wrap things up. You summarise your findings and summarise your dissertation in detail.

If this sounds too hard for you, will take care of it.



Zero plagiarism dissertation service.


Scared of plagiarism?

Well, you should be!

Imagine finding dissertation help online and spending all this money on dissertation proposal help just to find out nearly all of it was plagiarised!

We understand that plagiarism can get you kicked out of university, so we take extra precautions and double check all our writers work with plagiarism detectors.

When you buy dissertation online, you expect the writers to do so without plagiarism, and we expect that too!



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Tight dissertation help deadline?


Can someone write my dissertation within 24h?

The most challenging deadline we have been given was 12 hours for 10,000 words, and we had 10 people working on it.

So YES, we can do it within 24 hours!

No matter the deadline, we will always find a way to do it.

That’s what differentiates us from the other writing services online. Most writing services online would not take on a project of this size in a short amount of time, but we aren’t any ordinary writing service!



What to expect from this dissertation service


You can smart nerds with native English and experience to help you. Our writers are from the USA, Canada, Uk, Australia and New Zealand.

You can also expect free revisions of your work! With unlimited dissertation writing support.

So we will work with you once finished to make it perfect for no extra charge.

What a lot of our customers do is go and get their work revised at college by a professor, and come back to us with suggestions. To which we take into consideration and edit the thesis or dissertation.

You can also expect an affordable service. Most online writing services bait you in on price, but then add all these extra charged to the final bill. However, with Assignment Nerds, we keep our promise of $18 a page.

We have customers who come to us from universities such as Yale, Harvard, Princeton and many more Ivy League universities.

We also take on every kind of assignment too, and the smart academic writers we have is why it is good to buy essays for college.

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Also, our punctuation and spelling have no mistakes.

Here are a few proofreading tips:



Customer reviews


Here are a few of the customer reviews we have received from our dissertation students.

A message from Assignment Nerds: We wish each and every one of you all the best in your future endeavors and we would like to thank you for trusting us over all these years.


-      “I got my mark back, ended up getting 90% on my dissertation!”

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Assignment Nerds cheap dissertation writing service.


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Who is our service for?

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We look forward to helping you! 


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