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15 July, 2018 - Essay Writing Guides


Have you ever looked for a writing service that was good and cheap at the same time?

What you will soon come to find out is that these services don't exist! 

Until now...

Assignment Nerds has come to bless all those who are on a student budget!



With our professional writing service, we have many essay writers for you to choose from, with hundreds of reviews on their resumes. 

We go through an extensive process when searching for top quality writers, to make sure we will always be the best cheap essay writing service.


Why Choose Assignment Nerds?


Because we get RESULTS.

No matter the difficulty level we always get amazing essay results for all our customers.

This is the reason why our retention rate is 90%. That means that 90% of students who have already used our writing service use us on a continuous basis.

We are proud to say that we even achieve amazing marks from clients that come to us from universities such as Harvard! If Lil Pump actually went to Harvard he would've been our best customer.


The funny thing is some of our employees are actually Harvard students! They liked our cheap writing service so much that they asked if they could work for us, so we put them through our essay writer program and they qualified.


Why Student Love Us.


Students love us for many reasons.

Many students work and study at the same time, which can get very stressful.

So they buy a cheap essay from Assignment Nerds to alleviate their university workload. 

Another reason why students buy an essay from us is to get good marks.

Students don't want to go through the headache of repeating papers and graduating late, so they contact one of our expert writers to take over. 

You can also talk with your writer at any time and ask for a revision. We may be a cheap custom writing service, but the service and results we provide are far from it!


Here is a list of other reasons:


1. We are affordable for students.

2. We are plagiarism freeTurnitin safe!

3. We will always provide a quality service.

4. All your private information is safe.

5. Universities will never find about us.

6. You will achieve amazing results.

7. We have a 100% refund guarantee.


How To Order An Essay


This is how to place an order for your cheap essay online today. 



4 Simple Steps:


1. Place your FREE order.

This can be instigated from many places on our website, we did this to allow for an awesome user experience. Click the button "proceed" or "hire writer" to get started. We will then ask you to enter your email address, we advise you to use your most used email address as this is where we will be sending you notifications about your essay.

You will then be taken to a page where you fill out a form, this form is where you can upload the essay instructions, choose the type of paper, subject, number of pages, number of references and deadline of your essay.


2. Choose your writer.

The great thing about Assignment Nerds is that you have the ability to choose your writer...

...and if you don't want to choose your writer, you can ask us to assign the best writer for your chosen assignment.

Our writers are skilled enough to write dissertations!

We employ the best essay writers from around the world to ensure we withhold our quality essay writing service standard.

So once you add in your essay details, you get taken to a page that looks like this. 

On this page is where the professional writers will bid on your work. 

From here you can also see their full profiles where they introduce themselves and write about their qualifications and interests. 

You can also see all their reviews on this page too!

If a writer drops from a 5-star review, we also drop the writer :) 


3. Check your finished product.

You will be notified by email when your cheap custom essay your writer has written is completed!

You can then download your custom essay straight from your orders section! 

What you will find is a piece of legitimate essay writing genius, crafted by Assignment Nerds top-rated writers.

If for some reason you want a few changes with the essay or need a few more things to be added, just contact us and we will do any changes free of charge. Our goal is to get you a perfect essay even if it comes to our expense. 


4. Laugh your way to graduation.

You will laugh all your way to graduation when you get back your final results, realizing that essay writing will never be the same again since you now have a special trick up your sleeve.

You can also decide to leave a review on your writer's profile. 

This is also done under the "my orders" section, the same place where you also download your essay.


What subjects do you do?


We do every subject know to man and any type of paper.

The questions we get asked a lot is do you do powerpoints and maths?

The answer is of course, yes!

You can buy cheap essay at any level and you will always get the same quality.

Every different type of essay requires a different approach.

And this can be confusing for you to keep track of. University and college students can take up to 10 paper a year. 

That means that you may have to learn 10 different styles of writing. Commercial law writing should be written completely different to how a history essay is written, for example.

Often students struggle with law essays because they require your writing quality to be so much higher than other subjects due to the nature of the subject.

Its basically like learning a new language 10 times over in a year!



Our Testimonials 


As an organization, we love getting testimonials like these!

It makes what we do for you all worth it in the end.

When we know our students are happy and achieving results they only dreamt of before, it gives us that extra push to grow Assignment Nerds to the biggest essay writing company in the world.

Thanks to you all you lovely people for the amazing service reviews.


Here are a few more email testimonials we have got:


- "The best cheap essay writing service out there. Somehow stumbled upon you guys from a Reddit forum, glad someone shared your website there!"

- "Thank you guys so much for helping me out, Dennis did an amazing job with my essay and I will be using him now for all of my work. I had a 1000 word essay due the next morning and I woke up with an email saying that my essay has been completed". The essay turned out better then I could have ever expected. The professionalism with you guys is outstanding, this is the best cheap essay online I have ever order, all the other companies writers are a joke, thanks heaps."

- "Give Mark a pay rise, I got 93% for my final pharmacy essay, I have already passed the course and I haven't even sat my final yet."

- "When I went to buy cheap essay online I didn't expect much, but you guys have exceeded all expectations."


We also look forward to getting your testimonial :)


Fast Turnaround


One thing students tend to do is leave their essays till the last second, we don't blame you.

College is one of the best experiences you can experience in your schooling life. It is the last stretch before you go into the working world, and rightly so, the majority of students treat it like that, we don't blame you!

You may be one of the many students who procrastinate with their essays, but we have good news for you!

All we need is 3 hours and we can do your essay.

One of the most challenging essays we have been given is a 4000-word history essay due in 3 hours.

But we got 4 of our writers to work on this one essay so we could complete it on time. 

And guess how much extra we charged? $0.00

No other cheap writing service would have attempted this.

No matter what the deadline is, we only ever charge $18 per page. Other companies for this deadline charged $50 - $100 per page, pure insanity!


Stand Out To Employers.


Assignment Nerd's team understands how hard it is to be a student and the pressure student life can bring. The workload professors give you is more every year, and the marking gets harder every year too.

They do this so that there is less competition in the marketplace as more and more people enter the workforce every year.

So it is imperative for you to stand out from the pack and give your employers an easy decision to employ you over the many people applying for the same job.

And one of those factors that determine whether you will get your dream job is your GPA... your grades matter!



Get Help From Assignment Nerds!


We are just a few clicks away from helping you.

If you want help from our cheap essay writing service, you can do so today! Either click "hire now", or "Order your paper now". Or click here to be taken back to the main page to place an order from there.

Simply fill out the form in less than 30 seconds and choose your writer from our large selection. You can even chat with your writer before buying.

Don't let your grades suffer any longer, let us do all the hard work for you!

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