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28 July, 2018 - Student Tips


Struggling with an assignment?

Assignments can make or break your final grade, we all know this.

Often life can get in the way of students achieving excellent results.

But sometimes you get them at inconvenient times which you don’t have time to do it!

It is hard to balance sport, hobbies, going out with friends, working and doing university work all at the same time.

It can get very stressful!



That is why turning to an assignment writing service is one of your best options.

Assignment Nerds is a website where you can get assignment help at your fingertips.

The ordering process takes no more than a few minutes; simply enter in your assignment details, select your writer and release funds once you are happy with your order.


Who Will Write My Assignment?


We have a marketplace of expert writers who can complete all your assignments. Each writer specializes in certain subjects, so when you select your subject writers who specialize in that subject will then bid on your project, and you can select from the large variety of writers.

Nearly all of our writers hold a master’s degree or Ph.D. and they come from countries where English is their native language. We have writers from the USA, UK, Australia and New Zealand, who have come from the top universities in their countries.

We double check every single writer and have a long and hard selection process where writers compete to get a job at our company.

We also have an option where you can pay us a little bit extra for us to choose who writes your work. This may be the best option for you if you want to take away any guesswork and guarantee an amazing writer because we handpick the best match.

Here are a few of our writers:



The top three writers are our most consistent writers who have received the most positive feedback from our writers. These writers big the highest out of all the writers, we rank the bidding from highest to lowest so it is easy for you to choose your writer and see their prices in comparison to one another.

As you can see from the photo we hire people with Ph.D.’s and people who are ex-professors that have retired and need extra money.


Why Customers Love Us?


They love us because we go the extra mile.

If you message us at 3 am asking us to do your assignment that is due at 8 am of course our customers will love us!

We are lifeguards for students.

It is like if you are drowning from 10 miles out in the ocean and then suddenly out of nowhere a rescue boat comes and saves you.

Experience – Our writers write hundreds of essays per year, so they have literally seen every question you give them.

Transparency – We will never hide anything from you, if we can’t do your assignment for any specific reason we will tell you truthfully.

Reliable – We get consistent results for all of our customers. And you can always trust us with whatever work you give us that we will return a quality assignment.

Free revisions – If you need any changes done to your work just message us and we will fix anything for free no matter how many changes you need to be done, we will fix it till it is exactly what you want.

Cheap assignment help – We cater to a student budget. We were all once in your position before, eating baked beans and eggs, waiting for the student allowance to come in so we can survive the next week. We get it… That’s why we have an affordable price so that all students can get a fair go.

Customer support – Our 24/7 customer support team can assist you any time you need help.



What Type Of Subjects Do You Do?


We do nearly every subject.

From maths and engineering to dance and drama.

When you go to place your order you can see all of the subjects we do, and trust me, you will find the category for the subject you need!



If you need nursing assignment help we can do that for you too. We help out a lot of nursing students because a nursing degree is quite stressful! It is not an easy degree and requires a lot of concentration and study to do well. So we took the time to find experts who have a lot of experience in nursing assignment help as we had a lot of inquiries about if we could do them from the people buying research papers.

Our custom assignment writing service also takes on complicated mathematical assignments and accounting assignment help. We also have programming assignment experts if you study computer programming. The good thing about these types of subjects is that our expert nerds usually get very high marks because they are not subjective.

We typically get high A’s for nursing assignment help, but for accounting, homework help our experts can get you 100% as well because it is more straightforward.


Questions Students Ask.


1. Can you do my assignment for me?

2. Will you write my assignment?

3. My essay is due tomorrow, can you do it?



Yes, we will write your assignment! We are called Assignment Nerds for a reason. We have nerds ready to do any assignment you give them.

When a nerd hears that an assignment is due the next day, their eyes twinkle. It gives us a good feeling that we can help you in time of stress! The harder the project for us, the sweeter the reward we feel when we come to realize how much we are helping you in a time of need! This is why our writers love what they do and this is why this job is very rewarding.

So yes, we have an assignment expert ready to assist you.


How Do You Structure An Assignment?


It depends on the assignment requirements and the rubric.

Usually, most assignments follow the same structure, but certain subjects have a different structure.

For example, a history essay follows a different structure than an economics assignment.

Usually, with an economics assignment definitions are required and the correct theory is important. They also are either wrong or right in economics, as certain theories affect the way the economy functions in certain ways.

Whereas for history there is a lot of ways to answer a question and different things can be written about to answer a question, that is it a lot more subjective. But there are also marking schedules used for history, and it is less obvious than other subjects. That is why experts are required here because the writer knows about the marking rubrics for each question. That is the effort they go through in making sure they get it right. Research is done about the marking rubric to make sure the appropriate structure is applied when doing that assignment.

This is the difference between Assignment Nerds and other assignment writing services. We go the extra mile to ensure you get amazing marks every time without worrying about whether or not we will give you a quality piece of work. Because we understand everyone’s needs are different and if we stick with one type of structure you could end up with a bad mark, which is why we care so much!


Customer Reviews


- “I would like to thank you guys for writing my assignment on such short notice, my assignment was a long one and other sites didn’t want to write it but thanks for wanting to write my assignment.”

- “I got an A+ for my chemistry assignment. I’d like to thank Dr. Louisa for always doing good work for me. This year is an important year for me and I’m happy that I finally found a reliable website that actually consistently gets good results. “

- “This is my last year and I got an internship at one of the biggest law firms in my country, I don’t think I would have been able to get this job if it wasn’t for you guys. The funny thing is that everything I learnt in my a college isn’t really useful in the real world, my friends always said that it’s not smart to pay someone to write your assignment but they were wrong, the only important thing about the assignments was getting a good mark so that my GPA was high, and that is what you guys did for me, so thank you!”

- “Your online assignment service has helped me a lot. I can count on getting quality work every time.”

- “The best assignment service UK has had in my opinion. It’s like you know exactly what our professors want.”



Are Assignment Grades Important?


Assignment marks are nowadays more important than ever in the competitive job market. It is one of the signs employees look at when employing people as this shows how hard students were willing to work to get a degree for the jobs they want. If you’re looking for a job in a top firm in your industry a 3.0 GPA and higher is required for them to even interview you usually. Therefore, it is important to get assignment help so we can take this stress off of your shoulders and get you that high GDP you deserve.

Also what better feeling than when you log in online and see that you got an A. It is one of the most rewarding feelings a student can feel and is the reason students put in the hard work. A boost in confidence and pride can really help your overall grades for that subject even if you paid us to do it for you! It leaves you with confidence going into your finals knowing that you have a healthy mark for your subjects and that it will be easy to finish with a high mark.


Get Online Assignment Help From Assignment Nerds.


If you are ready to fast forward your success place an order today! We will take your grades to the next level so that you can succeed with anything you wish to pursue. Take away the stress of not handing in your assignment on time, and the stress of wasting a lot of money on college with nothing to show for! We help thousands of students every year with their custom assignments at any level. We look forward to hearing from you. If you need any help, talk with one of our customer service representatives who are online 24/7.

We would love to help you out! Order an assignment today from an expert assignment writer!

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